Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cobbitty Fine Art Gallery

Walk in Cobbity Village, if you are a lover of art, then you should visit Cobitty Fine Art Gallery. Founded by Ms. Parrish, galleries located in Cobbitty Road presents a variety of beautiful paintings that can be used to decorate the home. The price offered varies, depending on the complexity of the painting, originality, and artistic value are highlighted. Many who visit and be a regular customer here.

Been there since 26 years ago, this is not just a gallery selling art. But also functioned as a place to exhibit latest paintings. Anyone would be amazed on the work produced, quality and detail. Some of the artists who helped contribute to the collection of paintings here is Max Mannix, Pro Hart and Norman Lindsay.

Established goals Cobitty Fine Art Gallery is to provide a platform for talented artists show their work on the entire community. Due to popular demand, the gallery has opened another branch in Struggletown. Currently, the gallery has a remaining 300 pieces paintings. If it is mostly sold, the gallery will be closed. Of course, there will be a large discount.